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RMP 500

Methyl Methacrylate Based Acrylic Resin Road Marking Paint

  • Class: Cold Road Marking Paint
  • Application Method: Air or airless spraying, brush, roller.
  • Product Name: PROTEK RMP 500
  • Product Color: White

  Download pdf document

  Download pdf document

  • It is a single-component, solvent-based, acrylic MMA-based white road marking paint with excellent reflectivity.
  • It is used for drawing and marking urban and intercity roads, airports, parking lots, warehouses and all kinds of areas.
  • Thanks to its high strength, it maintains its reflective power, color and film thickness for a long time under heavy traffic.
  • It complies with the TCK General Directorate highways technical specifications, TS EN 1871 and TS EN 1436 standards.
  • It reflects light thanks to the glass beads applied to the surfaces by spraying and sprinkled on it.
  • Any desired color can be obtained depending on the pigment used.

Wet Paint Consumption


Glass Bead



                         Note: The values given in the table are theoretical values. Consumption amounts depend on the surface and environment on which the paint will be applied.

varies depending on conditions.

Color: White

                        Viscosity: 90 ± 10 KU

                        Density: 1.60g/ml. ±0.1

                        Luminance factor Class / Value: LF7 / β ≥ 0.85

   UV aging: UV 1

   Örtücülük oranı: En az %95

   Storage stability: 6 and above



  • PROTEK RMP 500 is offered to users in 25 kg metal packages.
  • Store in closed areas, keep away from sources of fire.
  • Stock life is 1 year under appropriate storage conditions.